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The book, the film – podcast

Matthew Jones and Ben Taylorson discuss The Death of Grass and Cornel Wilde’s 1970 film adaption of the book, No Blade of Grass on Closer to Midnight

"Death of Grass" "No Blade of Grass" Russian

Russian edition

Russian edition (1992), the cover artist introducing a new layer of excitement with the addition of flying saucers — the British Government, tasked with bombing their citizens?

"The Death of Grass" "No Blade of Grass"

A forgotten apocalyptic classic!

‘a brilliantly written novel that allows us to investigate, to ask questions about and to fear the coming of an unexpected threat’

"The Death of Grass" "No Blade of Grass"

The book that shook my faith

The One Book That Shook My Faith in Nature and Humanity – Cat Sparks
“This time around, humanity requires no deity to throw it out of Eden. The garden does the job all by itself.”

"The Death of Grass" "No Blade of Grass"

DoG covers

Since its publication in 1956, The Death of Grass has been published in numerous editions across the world and has inspired a wide variety of cover artists